About Me

I've been making pots for, well, a very long time, the first indications of a romance with clay started at high school with what I seem to remember was a surprisingly realistic terracotta owl. The relationship was rekindled as an evening affair when my children were babies in England (lots of coiled pots made at the kitchen table), then when it followed me to Australia it took a more serious turn. I embraced it fully by going to Art School (North Adelaide School of Art and Adelaide Centre for the Arts), here I learned so much about making, glazing and firing from our very knowledgeable and highly skilled ceramics teacher John Coulter and at the same time discovered that is ok for decoration to be fun and that sometimes 'more is more' from the equally skilled and knowledgeable teacher, Bruce Nuske. Then I went to the Jamfactory as a design associate and had lots of fun with porcelain and met lots of interesting people. Now I work from my home studio in the Adelaide Hills with my chooks and dogs helping me out from time to time, the chooks sometimes make an apearance on my pots but the dogs have more of a consulting role.