Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mad March Review

Like everyone else it seems, I was inspired by ron pilbecks video on making lidded jars, full of enthusiasm I made half a dozen late one evening, but assigned to them my recycling bucket the next day, I hadn't made the indents when they were wet, doh! After watching the video again and giving myself more time the second batch were more successful throwing wise but because I was making circus tent shapes the tops were too tall to be inverted and trimmed, double doh! Nevertheless I managed to trim them and here they are with some coloured stripes.

I have been inspired by this shape, combined with thoughts about all the activity that happens here in Adelaide during March (Festival, Fringe, Womadelaide, Car races, horse races...) to make some taller versions and decorate them with imagery relating to the sights and sound of these events, if they work I'll enter them in the South Australian Ceramics Award show.

The Skatellites a Womadelaide 2010

I made up some new glazes to try with the plaster stamps that I made from the dessert dishes, this is my favourite, it needs to be a bit thicker but I'm happy with where its going, I'll also pinch the corners of these noodle bowls a little tighter so that the chopsticks can be rested on the inside.

What happened to those eggplant leaves? With a bit of copper wash and a little chintzy bug they have become these plates, perhaps for a fancy starter or sushi...the same with these fabric inlaid plates, I think the curled up edges provide a convenient place for thumbs, making them easier to hold in a buffet type situation perhaps..