Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicken Teacup Disaster

Firstly here's a sneak peak at the work I'm entering in the South Australian Ceramics Award show which will be held at the Adelaide Central Gallery from the 2nd to 24th July. It showcases many of the fabulous talented South Australian ceramic artists we have here and will be judged this year by Gerry Wedd. This work is inspired by all the festivals and events we have here in Adelaide every March.

Otherwise its been a slow month in the studio, I've been suffering from that frustrating condition called Potters Elbow (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Tennis Elbow) I won't bore you with the details but it makes decorating very painful, as a result I have lots of work made but unfinished. I have however been working on some new forms including these vases...

...and as my little bird forms are proving very popular at the moment I've added little a wombat and bilby to my range of Australian fauna. I've made the moulds and have begun casting the wombat, I can't wait to start decorating them

I also managed to very carefully make some tea cups and put handles on them and they were all ready to be decorated when disaster struck...
one of our the chooks accidentally got locked in the studio overnight (and yes I was the person responsible for putting them away that night but it was dark and I didn't count my chickens). She must have put the radio on and had a little party in there because when I discovered her she had danced all over the freshly made cups!

I managed to rescue all but 5 of them and they're all safely in the kiln now which is firing up right now so I'll have lot of newly decorated forms next time!