Monday, July 30, 2012

Preparing for Spring

Porcelain brooches
Winter is the best time for developing new work, I find,  when there is a lull in sales and I need something fresh to put out into the world for when spring eventually arrives.

I wanted to make some new small pieces that I can post economically as sending ceramics can be very expensive, so I developed some drawings of animals that I can print onto clay and add then colour to. They have ended up as a collection of mostly domestic creatures, probably because I spend so much time working from home at this time of year I have unconsciously reflected my surroundings, although I don't actually have a cat...or an alpaca for that matter!

I have been combining the prints with some scraffitto, sponge printing and brushwork on other forms.
I'm also making a lot of tea pots which are selling well and have added this design to tie in with the humming bird design.


Marianne said...

Good to see Studio Alley active again.
I love that little teapot. Are you making teasets to match?

Alison Arnold said...

It's been a while! Thanks, yes I'll use that design on tea sets and vases probably.

Shukla said...

Beautiful tea pots.The color combination/pattern you use are just kind of perfection.Looking forward to see more of these kinds.Mean while you can have a look at ,they have a large varieties of pottery,decorative and gifting items.