Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Seasons in One Day

August in South Australia becomes a frenzy of activity for artists, gallery managers, and business owners as this festival state puts on its annual showcase of visual art in the form of South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA). Every spare meter of space is filled with creativity, from galleries to cafes, cellar doors, and city streets. This year, me and my 'partners in art' Angela Walford and Rose Maguire decided to put on a little show in the hills in one of the boutique wineries that Adelaide is famous for. '3 Season in One Day' We've had fun using a variety of decorating techniques, some are old favourites but many are new methods that we've had a hankering to try, lots of the work will be on the walls but we've also made beakers, bowls, teapots and jewellery so there's plenty of work on plinths as well. Here's a peak at some of my pieces,


Marianne said...

Ali, I love these new lines of yours - especially your 'blue' piece which I've saved to my desktop background.
It all sounds very exciting. I wish I was there to see everything!

ang walford said...

nice one Ali... my friends went up to the ex yesterday an bought your red bowl and a rose beaker plus some wine!!! woohoo :))

Alison Arnold said...

Oh good on them ang I hope they enjoy, wine and pottery, always a great combination!

Mum, I'll send you those photos today, also have some lovely ones of Rosemoor that should look good as backgrounds too